Carboxytherapy and Medical Oxygen Infusion corner the UK market

Last week-end Maya Beauty Italian technology hit the
UK market with its medical devices performing Carboxytherapy and Oxygen Infusion.

Carbossiterapia e Propulsione di Ossigeno medicale conquistano il mercato inglese

Lo scorso fine settimana la tecnologia italiana di Maya Beauty è sbarcata in UK con le apparecchiature medicali di Carbossiterapia e Propulsione di Ossigeno.
Grazie a una proficua collaborazione con la società Vida

Corso di formazione CarbosSiena: 15 anni di carbossiterapia

Sabato, 31 Maggio, 2014

MBE Medical Division è lieta di informare che sarà presente, in qualità di sponsor, al corso di carbossiterapia che si terrà il 31 Maggio 2014 presso il Centro Didattico del Policlinico "Santa Maria alle Scotte".

Carboxytherapy in the treatment of genital rejuvenation and erectile dysfunction

Genital rejuvenation and erectile dysfunction are becoming some of the most requested treatments in medicine and aesthetic medicine field.
It is, therefore, of the main importance to approach these problems in a serious and effective way, thus in order to guarantee the patients a more satisfying sexual life and, as result of that, a better life quality.

With regard to genital rejuvenation, during life time the female genital organs undergo many physiological changes in terms of shape and volume, as well as functional changes.

Carboxitherapy and Alopecia: the new protocols are finally available

Carboxitherapy and Alopecia: counteract thinning and hair loss is now possible thanks to the new medical protocols of Venusian CO2 Therapy, developed by M.D. Alessandra Scilletta, plastic surgeon in Catania.

Alopecia, thinning and hair loss affect a growing number of men and women, but  today a state-of-the-art treatment is available to effectively counteract them.

Please contact us for further information about alopecia, thinning and hair loss new protocols

Carboxiterapía en el tratamiento del rejuvenecimiento genital y de disfunción eréctil

El rejuvenecimiento genital y el tratamiento de la disfunción eréctil siguen siendo algunos de los tratamientos cada vez más pedidos en medicina y medicina estetica.
Por eso, es importante enfrentarse a estos problemas de manera seria y eficaz para asegurar a sus pacientes una vida sexual más satisfactoria, y por lo tanto, una mejor calidad de vida.

Por lo que se refiere al rejuvenecimiento genital, en el curso de la vida, los organos genitales femeninos sufren cambios fisiologicos en forma y volumen, y cambios funcionales.


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