AWMC Monaco 2012: international success for MBE Gas Contouring®

International success for Gas Contouring®, MBE gas-assisted body shaping and facial contouring & lifting tecnique.

MBE Gas Contouring® is ideal for treating cellulite, stretch marks, toneless tissue; as well as anti-aging and for the treatment of wrinkles,double chin, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

MBE Gas Contouring® is effective also on some skin pathologies, such as acne, vascular lesionis, ulcers, rhagades, sores, psoriasis, arthritis, arthrosis and periarthritis

Effective, safe and totally painless, the Gas Contouring® sinergically combines the effects of MBE Oxygen Infusion (the only one certified for the medical field) and Carboxy Therapy.

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