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SO UP 4.0: Multifunctional Platform for Face & Body

Slimming, Reshaping, Toning, Lifting, Draining

SO UP 4.0: Multifunctional Platform for Face & Body

SO UP 4.0

A single, easy-to-use movable device capable of performing multiple functions. A practical touch screen display to choose the treatment to be performed, with a step-by-step guide to facilitate the selected activity.

The device is fully fitted with revolutionary handpieces and functions designed to meet every need.


SO UP 4.0

The Functions

  • Fractional radiofrequency
  • Bipolar radiofrequency
  • Low intensity laser treatment (LLLT)
  • Ultrasounds(1MHz)
  • Electrolipolysis
  • Electroporation

SO UP 4.0

The Handpieces




Head with circularly arranged tips. Useful for deep tissue bio-stimulation, especially suitable for face treatment when in presence of deep and numerous wrinkles.



Head with linearly arranged tips. It has a filler effect, distending wrinkles and correcting stretch marks.



Flat head with two poles by means of which the superficial layers of the skin are heated triggering a lifting effect.



Radiofrequency is a technology based on the emission of energy capable of developing heat which penetrates from the surface of the skin deep into the dermis. The heat generated within skin tissues produces collagen fibre contraction and blood circulation increase, thus stimulating, in a physiological manner, fibroblasts metabolism and new collagen and elastin production. This treatment is recommended for total rejuvenation of the treated area.



It is the evolution of traditional radiofrequency using painless micro-tips.  Electric impulses are generated through micro-points (pins) deliver ing a thermal shock that propagates from the surface of the skin deep into the dermis. This new technology enables rapid overall rejuvenation (smoother wrinkles, firmer skin, more even texture) of the treated area.


The treatment is absolutely safe.



Handpiece 1 

  • Radiofrequency: Lifting Action
  • Endodermic Vacuum Massage: Draining Action
  • Chromo-frequency: Heating- Balancing Action
  • Low intensity Laser: Stimulating Action


Handpiece 2

  • Ultrasounds: Slimming Action
  • Electrolipolysis: Toning Action
  • Electroporation: Intensifying Action
  • Low intensity Laser: Stimulating Action
  • Chromo-frequency: Heating- Balancing Action


Handpiece 3

  • Radiofrequency: Lifting Action



This massage reduces cellulite-related imperfections and remodels the body. A special mechanical lymph drainage massage is used to stimulate blood circulation and the connective tissue network, thus eliminating excess fluid and reducing fat deposits.




It consists of red light irradiation shone on various areas of the body to offer greater relaxation to the client, enhancing the benefits of the treatments themselves.



This technology is based on the effect of laser beams on the skin to achieve significant metabolic activation. Various treatments performed in synergy with LLLT have an enhanced toning and stimulating action.

Skin tissues appears visibly firmer and more toned.



1 Mhz ultrasound reaches deeper layers of tissue, weakens adipose tissue, stimulates and reactivates microcirculation, progressively reducing flabby areas and imperfections related to oedematous and fibrous cellulite. The result will be a visibly firmed and compact body.



Technique aimed at treating cellulite. It helps to reduce cellulite deposits, promotes local circulation and increases the metabolic demand of cells resulting in fat consumption.



Electroporation is a transdermal delivery technique that acts directly on cell mechanisms through specific waveforms, frequencies and dynamic currents. It enables the opening of pathways in the tissue so as to favour the vehiculation and penetration of the active ingredients applied.




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