Non-ablative vaginal rejuvenation

Gynecological handpiece for vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation

Venusian CO2 Therapy

Gynecological handpiece for vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation

Thanks to the special gynecological cannula, VENUSIAN is able to inoculate the gas in very precise points of the vaginal canal with remarkable effects on vulvo vaginal atrophy, on circulation and lubrication.


Using the special protocols developed, the operator can offer an effective, natural and safe protocol, without side effects.


Acting on microcirculation, carboxytherapy treatments can be easily combined with laser genital rejuvenation treatments, thus offering an absolutely complete treatment to menopausal patients.

Venusian gynecological cannula, available upon request, allows the processing of female internal genitalia by:

- Vulvar vaginal rejuvenation
- Treatment of certain diseases associated with postpartum mutations in women of childbearing age (urinary incontinence)
- Treatment of certain diseases related to menopause (reduction of lubrication, reduction of pleasure)


Made in special medical material, FDA approved, it is autoclavable


promo venusian carbossiterapia vaginale

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