Pain therapy

Gas Antalgik: CO2 & O2

The combined use of Carboxytherapy and Oxygen Infusion is suggest in the pain therapy for its analgesic, antalgic and antinflammatory effect.

Gas Antalgik: CO2 & O2

Gas Antalgik is an innovative technique that combines a few treatments available for pain therapy.

In particular, in pain therapy treatment, Gas Antalgik exploits the synergic action of Carboxytherapy (performed with Venusian CO2 Therapy) and Oxygen Infusion (performed with Oxy Xtra Med).

The use of Gas Antalgik in pain therapy, contractures and inflammatory conditions is indicated for its detoxifying, decontracturing and anti-inflammatory effect.

The efficacy of this technique in pain therapy is mainly due to the direct mechanical effect on the circulation, especially at a capillary level, with a reopening of the malfunctioning ones. Also, through neo-angiogenesis stimulation.

Moreover, treated tissues are strongly oxygenated: directly, thanks to the Oxygen Infusion and indirectly thanks to the Bohr effect, produced by carboxytherapy.

This intense localized oxygenation, on one side, stimulates specific anti-inflammatory components and, on the other side, properly regulates cytokines.

Moreover, the Oxygen Infusion feature of Oxy Xtra Med allows a deep and effective penetration of active ingredients (both allopathic and homotoxicological) into the skin, thus identifying this technique as a true alternative to the use of needles or other invasive treatments.

The anti-inflammatory effect caused by the improvement in microcirculation and tissue oxygenation results in an analgesic and antalgic effect, which is ideal for pain therapy.

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